iPhone & Android Smartphone (Selfie Light) 16 LED Flash

iPhone & Android Smartphone (Selfie Light) 16 LED Flash

The LED lights brighten up pictures and fill in shadows on your face (it’s an instant filter!). It comes in handy for when you’re trying to capture the moment in a dim room, like when you’re trying to achieve the perfect #NoMakeup-makeup, #IWokeUpLikeThis shot or when you’re in a dark restaurant, club or bathroom. While it does have a dimmer, be aware of the brightness — yes, people will notice you snapping away, (but they’ll probably just be jealous.


After all, even Hillary Clinton is trying to get her hands on one!). The dimming feature offers you the ability to control the level of brightness to find the perfect look for your shot. The Selfie Light takes 30-45 minutes to reach a full charge. Once it’s ready to go, it will stay lit at full power for up to two hours. On the lowest brightness, you can snap away for almost 36 hours.



$12.99 Click here for (Selfie Light) Purchase

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